Safety as the top priority in dangerous goods packaging is important to us at LEVL. Not only the outer packaging, but also the associated interior is part of a well thought-out dangerous goods packaging concept. Years of know-how and countless certified packaging solutions already available are available to our customers to meet their requirements. However, new certifications for customized customer projects are, just like our standard range, our core business and are therefore part of our daily activities.

Examples of what we offer from our dangerous goods portfolio:

  • Steel containers
  • Plywoodboxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic containers
  • Inner packaging


Packaging from the area of ​​dangerous goods is divided into different classes:

  • which substances are packaged or shipped, as well as packaging groups

  • What loads does the packaging have to withstand in order to protect the goods to be packaged

All information about dangerous goods packaging HERE!

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