Grids or so-called compartments are often found in industry, where products are manufactured in large quantities or articles of the same construction type with sensitive surfaces.

LEVL’s inserts made of twin-wall sheets can be used to line up an unlimited number of compartments. In addition to the individually customizable compartment size in length, width and height, twin-wall sheets can be welded into finished trays or used with intermediate layers. So-called structured sheets, which have small air chambers instead of internal webs, can also be processed here if the packaging has high weight requirements. Hollow chamber or structured sheets are available in many different thicknesses and densities. They are also easy to print on and can be supplied in an ESD version if required.

Due to the sensitive surfaces of the product to be packaged, it is often necessary to use other materials for compartments. Here, LEVL’s packaging solutions can offer countless materials in the textile sector. Different shapes and compartment sizes are just as little a problem as adapting to existing containers, racks or crates.

However, the aim is to generate the maximum number of units per packaging unit for all inserts that are processed into compartments. LEVL relies on individual designs for each product, which are specially manufactured according to customer requirements and wishes.


  • Prevent product contact
  • Fixing the products
  • Surface protection
  • Optimization of the loading and unloading process
  • Line management (material flow)

Selection criteria for the right material:

  • Product requirements
  • Type of transportation
  • Disposable or reusable packaging
  • Residual dirt requirement
  • Surface finish
  • Loading and unloading process
  • Quantity
  • Weight of the product

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