Corrugated cardboard folding boxes are still the most widely used packaging option for transporting goods. This is why research and development work in the corrugated board industry promises continuous improvements in terms of the interaction of weight, stability and protection from external influences. LEVL therefore has a wide range of options at its disposal for finding the best packaging solution for the customer.

The processing of corrugated cardboard also gives customers enormous flexibility in adapting it to their needs. Printing, finishing, die-cutting, folding, etc. are just a small selection of what is possible with corrugated board. The advantages for the consumer, when used appropriately, are relatively high.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Recyclable and easy to dispose of
  • Shock-absorbing due to its structure
  • Cost-efficient
  • Low surface and volume weight possible
  • High load capacity
  • Standard in all branches of industry
  • Maximum flexibility in design

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