For products with a large volume and/or weight, customizable wooden crates are often the only economical way to ship the goods to be packaged. Specially adapted wooden substructures, such as pallets or pure square timber (stacks), can withstand loads of several tons.

Normal wood or, as is common in the export business, heat-treated wood in accordance with the IPPC – ISPM 15 standard can be used as a material in the manufacture of wooden crates. Other popular materials in this area of application are therefore OSB and multilayer boards, which already contain this standard due to their manufacturing process. On the one hand, wooden crates are very stable and, due to their frequent use in the industry, are also intuitive to process and handle. Effective packaging of large and heavy goods is therefore guaranteed.

The packaging can also be opened and closed several times by using different closing mechanisms.

Reasons for choosing wooden crates:

Small quantities can be produced
Individually customizable
High load capacity
Fast availability
Suitable for high loads

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