Filling and fixing material, as the name suggests, is used to fix a product in the packaging and to fill the cavity inside. Both types of product protection are a simple and cost-effective solution to prevent the product from slipping.

In these areas, LEVL specializes in air cushioning, honeycomb cardboard and vermiculite for hazardous goods and the transport of liquids.



Air cushions are multi-talented when it comes to taking on different shapes. Various systems allow us to offer our customers a wide range of variants.

The great advantage of bubble wrap is that it can be delivered and recycled. They are supplied to our customers as a roll and therefore as a film tube, saving space. This system only unfolds its full potential when used. When filled, this results in more than 100 times the quantity of the delivery state.

Recycling is similar, but only in reverse. In addition to environmentally friendly variants such as Greenline, which consists of 100% recycled material, you can simply empty the air again when feeding the recyclable material collection and a small amount of packaging material remains.



The core of the honeycomb cardboard consists of hexagonally shaped cells, just like a beehive. The base material of this packaging is kraft paper and forms a protective layer around the honeycombs. This is held together with water-based adhesive. Honeycomb cardboard is therefore fully recyclable and has a high ecological footprint.

Different thicknesses, from 10-100mm, allow LEVL to develop a very flexible design of the packaging solution. A core that is stable in itself due to its structure thus offers high vertical resistance while at the same time being able to absorb impacts. To make honeycomb cardboard resistant to moisture and thus increase its stability against external influences, it can be coated with plastic.

Due to its flexibility in processing, honeycomb cardboard is used in a wide variety of applications. Whether as an alternative to disposable wooden pallets or as outer packaging, as well as inner lining and holders, which protect your product and prevent damage by absorbing shocks.

A true all-rounder when it comes to reflecting your areas of application in the industry.



Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral and is ideal for packaging hazardous goods and liquids.
Expanded vermiculite, which has previously been made free of crystalline water by heating at 700-1000 °C, does not lose any of its absorbency but does lose mass. Due to its high heat resistance and high absorption capacity, it is a popular filling material in these areas.

In addition to the properties mentioned above, vermiculite can also have a shock-absorbing effect due to its large relative surface area and internal structure.