PaaS, Packaging as a Service, is just one of our service offerings
alongside geo-tracking and inventory management.


PaaS (Packaging as a Service) or contract packaging

Outsourcing is now considered standard in many corporate processes. LEVL has also included this in its portfolio and offers this service to its customers as part of its comprehensive advice on all aspects of packaging. As this is a very complex and individual area of packaging, we are happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic and offer a customized solution if required.


Geo Tracking

Do you want to know where your goods are in real time so that you can provide your customers with precise information about the delivery time of your goods? LEVL offers you the possibility to track your product worldwide with so-called trackers. They can also be used in conjunction with other data loggers such as temperature, shock or humidity. This gives you unrestricted control of your shipped products along the transportation route. Just ask us.


Inventory Management

Industry 4.0 has already spread to our customers’ warehouses and the logistics that prevail there. Using RFIDs and the associated readers, LEVL can offer you partially automated inventory management in line with the latest standards. Software solutions that record your packaging fully automatically and book it into your ERP system is just one of the benefits of this system and frees up time for your core business.



For us, this is not just a modern buzzword, but rather one of our corporate values. Conserving resources and using the most environmentally friendly materials possible is more important than ever these days. We know what we are doing and that is a good thing. Because we care about our world and that’s why we also think about tomorrow. So that our children can experience this unique world as we do.


Our packaging solutions

Here you will find a selection of possible packaging materials & solutions for your products.