Unlike Euro pallets, disposable or export pallets are intended for one-off transportation. As with wooden crates, in most cases it must be ensured that the packaging complies with phytosanitary regulations. In contrast to the reusable pallet with various pooling systems, the disposable pallet is not exchanged. The one-way pallet is also the best alternative for special hygiene requirements. A combination of the export pallet with different outer packaging such as Pallet stacking frames, crates made of different materials, cardboard etc. are usually the most common application. LEVL will help you choose the right variant.

You can find more information on the phytosanitary regulations here.


Available in different designs and dimensions. Specially adapted to the weight of your goods, wooden pallets can carry up to several tons.


  • Compliance with international shipping regulations
  • Flexibility with formats
  • Suitable for high loads
  • Suitable for high-bay storage


Wood fibers are pressed into shape with glue under pressure and heat, resulting in so-called pressed wood panels. This production process eliminates the possibility of pests and eliminates the need for further treatment by fumigation or heat.


  • do not require IPPC marking or further treatment
  • do not require a phytosanitary certificate
  • Very space-saving
  • are light and safe, even for air freight


Due to possible disposal regulations in different countries, for low loads or also for sustainability reasons, the corrugated cardboard or cardboard pallet is a good alternative to other pallet designs.


  • Weight saving
  • Can be disposed of in the recyclings collection
  • High flexibility in application


Often used in the automotive industry, plastic pallets are a stable and clean packaging solution. Plastic pallets are used wherever residual dirt requirements play a role. Even though they are often circulated as disposable pallets, they can be used more than once without any problems.


  • Low cleaning effort
  • Low weight
  • High load capacity
  • Weather resistant