Corrosion protection


CORROSION PROTECTION There are basically two types of corrosion protection in packaging. The VCI method and the desiccant method. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and areas of application in which they achieve their full effectiveness. In order to make the right choice of method, it is very important to [...]



PALLETS Unlike Euro pallets, disposable or export pallets are intended for one-off transportation. As with wooden crates, in most cases it must be ensured that the packaging complies with phytosanitary regulations. In contrast to the reusable pallet with various pooling systems, the disposable pallet is not exchanged. The one-way [...]

Plastic crates & cases


PLASTIC CRATES & CASES Plastic packaging is robust, lightweight and easy to clean thanks to its smooth inner surface. Polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) are among the basic materials used, with which the crates are available in various densities. Due to its high robustness and low [...]

Plywood Box


PLYWOOD BOX Often underestimated and yet it is one of the most frequently used types of outer packaging worldwide. Thanks to the multi-layer glued panels in this type of crate, it meets all the parameters of international standards for the transportation of goods. In addition to its high stability, [...]

Pallet collars


PALLET COLLARS Top frames offer many advantages. Among other things, they are stable, flexible and foldable. If required, the frames can be adapted to the customer's specific requirements and are available with galvanized steel hinges. Pallet collars are a proven packaging solution and offer all the advantages of a modern [...]

Reusable plywood containers


REUSABLE PLYWOOD CONTAINERS The reusable system made of plywood containers is characterized by its low weight and easy handling. Not only can they be individually adapted to customer requirements, they are also characterized by their multiple uses. Thanks to their reusability, packaging costs can be minimized considerably, provided you have [...]

Inserts made of hollow chamber panels and textile compartments


INSERTS MADE OF HOLLOW CHAMBER PANELS AND TEXTILE COMPARTMENTS Grids or so-called compartments are often found in industry, where products are manufactured in large quantities or articles of the same construction type with sensitive surfaces. LEVL's inserts made of twin-wall sheets can be used to line up an unlimited number [...]

Foam inserts


FOAM INSERTS Foam inserts made from a wide variety of foam qualities are one of the most frequently used types of inner packaging for high-quality or (impact) sensitive products. When it comes to packaging sensitive goods, LEVL can now draw on years of expertise. Tailored to the contour of the [...]

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